imagesFirst day back on the job after my luxurious holiday break. I had planned two days of teacher training, but only half of the teachers showed up. The school is getting a paint job so the place is a mess and the fumes are still heavy. I hope the students don’t complain! Most of the books I ordered were accidentally shipped to my home address instead of work, so now I have about 50 books to schlep in from Brooklyn. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the stress involved for prepping the school for the upcoming accreditation visit. We’ll be ready, but I have a feeling January won’t involved a lot of rest for this lady. The hard work will be worth it though! And today’s training went very well. I love my teachers! We had some great discussion about teaching methods and motivation. We covered lesson planning and using the ‘theory of multiple intelligences’ in the classroom. I rescheduled our second day of training to next week to ensure that everyone will be there. I’m going in this weekend to catch up on the time “lost” while I was on break. I want to make sure everything is in order before the students get back on Monday. Anyway, enough droning on about work. Time to roll up my sleeves and jump in head first! Here’s to a great new year and a bright future for the whole team!


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