Hello, 2015!

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black backgroundI’m excited about 2015. Like really excited! Yes, 2015: The year of Back to the Future II. My Chinese Zodiac year. My fifth year in NYC. Everything’s coming up roses in 2015. My show will be performed at the Musical Theatre Factory in January. My school will be reviewed for accreditation in February. I’m interning and taking classes at the People’s Improv Theatre. I’m also a new Producer for PITtv. I’m continuing my Costume Design studies at FIT. Our lease is up in May and we are looking for a bigger place in a nicer neighborhood. I’m working on a few new musicals with some very talented collaborators. I am involved in some incredible projects including 2c2b.tv and a new podcast in the works. Friends is on Netflix! And I started a new blog!

I don’t know what the whole year has in store, but so far, the future looks bright!

Do I have some resolutions? Of course! Here they are:

  • Stay in shape! I pay for the gym every month, why not use it?
  • Eat healthier. No more junk food!
  • Keep track of finances. Know any good budget apps?
  • Blog on the regular. It’s my goal to blog every day.
  • Get an agent.
  • Pass accreditation.
  • Write a new musical or two. And keep working on the ones I’ve got.
  • Write a few plays: full-length, one-act, 10/15 minutes, etc.
  • Apply to some writing programs like Juilliard or BMI.
  • Design a few shows. Keep those Costume Design skills in shape!
  • Create some hawt content for PITtv and the podcast world.
  • Volunteer more. Give back to the community!
  • Keep an open mind for new and exciting adventures!

So that’s it! Have a happy healthy 2015!

Thanks for reading! Please follow for more musing with bananagrapes.


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